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About using eyepatches

It is often difficult to get little children to use their eyepatches. It is not pleasant for the child to have his or her best eye covered and then immediately experience impaired vision. It requires great patience – from the child as well as the adults. Fortunately, you will be surprised how quickly children get used to using an eyepatch.

We recommend that adults also try using an eyepatch, so they know why it can be unpleasant for the child. The best way to motivate children to use eyepatch is to turn it into a game. For example, the whole family can try wearing an eyepatch. This immediately gets children’s imagination going and perhaps in a very short time everyone is transformed into pirates. Suddenly, it is fun to wear an eyepatch. The eyepatch is connected to a fun and positive first-time experience. Each morning that the child has to wear the eyepatch the child feels that once again he/she is a cool pirate. If there are older siblings, they can also motivate the child by telling him/her that he/she is very lucky to use an eyepatch almost every day.

It is also a good idea to put an eyepatch on the child's favourite teddy bear or doll. Attractive eyepatches are available with patterns, which can also make the training more fun.

 It is a good idea to inform the child’s carers and teachers about the treatment so they can help the child and tell the other children why the child is wearing an eyepatch on his or her eye. The other children can easily believe that the child has injured his/her eye and it hurts.